May 2015 Purchases & Empties

I had quite a few purchases this month, mostly skincare since I'm on a makeup no-buy. (The makeup products shown here are bought before May 10th when I decided to start a Project 10 Pan and go on a no-buy) It's kind of crazy that I ran out of so many skincare products at once, I almost went bankrupt.

The Saem Eco Earth Power Light Sun Cream *2 (it was on buy 1 get 1 free)
I got this to carry around and use on my body. This is a really light, moisturizing sunscreen. I would use this on my face too, but usually any sunscreen with abobenzone (a.k.a. Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane or Parsol 1789) will burn my eyes so I can't use this on my face. One time I was out of my regular sunscreen so I just put on my other sunscreen on my face and by the time I was in class my eyes were all teary because they were hurting and the professor actually stopped his lecture, came up to me and asked if anything was wrong. lol

The Saem Perfumed Hand Clean Gel in Grace Peony
I just wanted a travel-size hand sanitizer. It smells nice and is surprisingly moisturizing. The color is clear purple if anyone is wondering.

The Saem Pure White Brightening Essence
+ I got a spray bottle to use with my toner while I was buying at The Saem.

A'pieu Kissable Tint Stick in OR01
I looove this one. It's even on my Holy Grail Products list.
A'pieu Essential Source Salt Cream
Some time ago I got a sample of this product with purchase and I was like whaat? You put salt on your skin??? But one day I had to use this because I had no other moisturizer on hand and I actually really liked it. It's really moisturizing and although this has really thick consistency this is not oily at all! This is slowly saving my skin recently. My skin has been extremely dry unlike usual and at first I thought my skin was being crazy but apparently the Korea Meteorological Administration has put out dryness advisory all over the country including Seoul. Also, I didn't know it then (I don't really watch TV lol) but there was a dryness warning back in March and the last one before that was 24 years ago. No wonder my skin was suffering unprecedented uber-dryness. We did have rain yesterday so hopefully it won't be so dry anymore?

The Face Shop Chia Seed Watery Lotion
I really like this lotion. It's pretty light but very moisturizing.

VDL Festival Eye Shadow Jelly in 606 Grand Prize
I got this when I went in for Color Intel™. Such a great cream eye shadow for daily use!

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Rice & Shea Butter
I was trying to buy a bunch of face masks (I'm tired of buying small amounts often) and this happened to be on a buy 10 get 10 free thing, so. This will last me a while.
Little rant about The Face Shop employee: So this was buy 10 get 10 free so the actual amount I had to pay was 10000 won and after I walked out of the store, I realized that I was charged with 20000 won. Thank god I have an SMS service that texts me the amount charged and the money left in my bank account every time I use my card. Otherwise I might never have found out. I don't really check my receipts nor my bank statements. And so I go back to the store and asked her why, and she said the no store is just texting you the pre-discount price. I was like no, it's not the store, it's from the bank, 20000 won just got charged to my bank account. Then she just repeated her previous statement, so I actually had to show her the text while I dug through my shopping bag to find my receipt. I mean if she asked for receipt right away I would understand since you need the receipt to change the order and stuff, but it was as if she didn't believe me. Why the fuck wouldn't she believe me? And instead of apologizing she just went on and on about the system and stuff and I was like lady, I don't care why you did what you did just gimme my money back.

And now for Empties!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Bamboo Cleanser
(excuse my Advanced Semiconductor Engineering lol)
I usually use whatever cleanser my mom buys and this was one of them. Since cleansers aren't meant to stay on my face or become absorbed into my skin I don't really think it matters as much, as long as it cleanses my skin and doesn't dry it out I'm satisfied. This was okay.

SOHAIR Morocco Argan Oil

I think it's okay. It's not life-changing or anything but it does make my hair a bit healthier. I don't even have long hair but I need A LOT of this product to cover the bottom half of my hair. (well these days using up products is exciting for me so I guess that's a plus for me) I have one deluxe sample size and one full size bottle in my drawer, so I'll use those, too. I'm not sure if I'd repurchase it myself. My mommy sometimes buy these when they sell like 4-5 bottles for a retail price for 1 and we split. I'll definitely use it again when she buys this again.

MISSCO Norugoong Signature Cream

Crappiest. Product. Ever. It takes forever to get absorbed, leaves sticky feeling, and doesn't moisturize. I mean seriously if it's not moisturizing enough for my body then it's a pretty crappy moisturizer.

Missha All-around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++
I cannot use sunscreen on my face if it contains abobenzone (well there is an exception but mostly) so I only use chemical sunscreens for my body. I have an issue though, I sometimes rub my eyes with my hand that has sunscreen on and my eyeballs will burn like hell. I did buy The Saem sunscreens (which also contain abobenzone) to replace this but after I finish those I might actually go back to using mineral sunscreens on my body. However if your eyes aren't sensitive to abobenzone, this is very light and moisturizing.
A'pieu Kissable Tint Stick SPF14/PA+ in MAGIC
This is my holy grail. As I mentioned above, I repurchased it in OR01.

Stuff that went to trash:

Innisfree Eco Gel Liner in 1 Black
Another crappy product! I barely used it but this is honestly soooo shitty. I would apply this and 2 seconds later it's all smeared and aaaalllll over the place before I could even set it with a shadow or powder. This is unusable so finding a new home would be pointless. Going straight to trashcan (well recycle bin to be exact).

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