Pepero Day the Vegan Way

Now, I know that Pepero is pretty much a Pocky knockoff and Pepero Day is just corporate agenda to push their products. But if there is an excuse to munch on sweets I will take it! The Problem: There are tons of varieties of Pepero (and the like) in the market but none of the ones I have found so far are vegan. (Oh dear delicious sweets why must you contain milk) So I decided to make something close enough to Pepero (I don't know how to bake that crispy thin stick cookie thingy :P) for my boyfie. Making them myself just adds more love, right?

~making breadsticks with this recipe (minus the topping, since I was going to add chocolate)~

~melting them chocolates~

*If you are not sure where to find vegan chocolate in South Korea, Loving Hut Korea has Vivani and Weinlich chocolates on their online store. Vivani chocolates are also available at many department stores' food departments, and Home Plus carries Weinlich. At Home Plus you can find Tesco brand chocolates that are marked "suitable for vegetarians". It says vegetarian not vegan so I checked the ingredients label, they are pland based. (Milk chocolates are labeled as vegetarian but obviously they contain milk so read the label when you buy them)

~coating them breadsticks with chocolate~

~sprinkled some coconut chips and almond slices and let it cool~

~wrapped it with pretty things and added a lovely card~

Heart-printed plastic wrapper from Daiso

I ate one to make sure it tasted good and it was delicious!! :D

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