25 Before 25

I have been inspired by several other young bloggers to write out 25 things I'd like to do before I reach 25 years of age. It's a mini bucket list, I suppose. I got a little less than 4 years left. Some people do x before x every year with changing numbers as they get older, but I think one list right now will be enough until I'm 25.

  1. Go to Russia once more - I went to Russia this month and I LOVED it! I would so so much like to visit again.
  2. Write a novel - it won't be published, but I just want to experience writing a book full of story I created on my own.
  3. Learn sign language - I like learning languages, because it allows me to communicate with more people. I realized that I don't even know how to communicate with people from my own country who have hearing impairment. I still converse with them via writing, but I think learning sign language would open so many doors. 
  4. Get a DSLR camera - I should get one sooner or later, to have high-resolution encapturement of precious moments and to make better contents for this blog. I hadn't made the splurge, but soon…
  5. Travel to a place in South America or Africa - I have never been to either of those continents yet. I haven't been to Antarctica and Australia, either, but there honestly isn't much in Antarctica (about 98% is ice) and I have a feeling that I'll visit Australia without having to plan it.
  6. Throw a big party - I've never had a big party for my own. Not even a birthday party, really. I'd like to host a big vegan party so everyone would come and enjoy vegan dishes!
  7. Save up 10,000,000 won - That's the amount of money I would consider a 'safety fund', taking inflation into account. If something happens and I need money really bad, this is the money that will be my security blanket. I have around 10% of that right now.
  8. Have a fabulous vacation - Most of my vacation days were spent laying on couch watching TV, which I enjoy very much and I think it will be that way for most of my life, but I would like to have a nice getaway once in my life. Where should I go? Bali? Cabo San Lucas? Somewhere in South Korea?
  9. Paint a painting - I haven't taken an art lesson in 7 years or something. I wanted to take one since the beginning of college, but I haven't had the time. I really want to create one great work that I can frame, hang on my wall and appreciate all the time.
  10. Have a full-on pamper day - Spa, massage, facial, hair, makeup everything! It will be an ultimate 'treat yo self'.
  11. Get full-body laser hair removal - I hate hair and I hate hair removal. I'd rather get expensive laser removal and be done.
  12. Read all books on this list - I've already read a few in this list but I plan to re-read them. I read them in Korean so may be I should try reading them in English.
  13. Pick up a sport - Or a physical activity like dance. I really should, for fun and for health.
  14. Get a driver's license - Can you believe that I don't have it yet? Born-and-raised in Seoul, I never really had to drive, and I put it off for what seems like an eternity.
  15. Get a full health exam - I had a few tests here and there, I even have a PaP test scheduled in a week, but never had a full exam, and I probably should.
  16. Get a computer certification - I'm pretty good with computers, but I don't have anything that proves it.
  17. Take a Railro trip - I've traveled to 10+ countries but I haven't traveled much in my country. I'd like to appreciate the place I live in.
  18. Move out of my parents' house - And be a strong, independent woman.
  19. Grow a plant - I'd like to have a nice garden eventually, but let's start with one.
  20. Knit something - My sister is good at knitting and I'm so jealous!
  21. Do a project with my sister - I don't know what it will be, but it will be a great opportunity to bond with my sister and accomplish something.
  22. Get a tattoo - It will be a small one in a not-so-noticeable place, but I have a tattoo idea in mind.
  23. Zero waste for a month - I always try to live environmentally friendly, but I'm not perfect. I'll never be perfect, but I'll try to be near-perfect for a month.
  24. Get my portrait painted - It will be interesting to know how an artist sees me and how they express it. 
  25. Visit an international film festival - I love films but I've never been to a big film festival.

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