I went to VDL store in Hongdae to get the VDL+PANTONE COLOR INTEL service. They basically analyze your skin color with this machine and find out products that match  your skin color. It's pretty cool. They explain which foundation, eye shadows and lip products goes with your skin tone and then give you a chart so you can remember them. It turns out I have warm toned skin (which I guessed) and I have yellow undertone but redness lol.

My skin color is 3Y06 and the products that go well with my skin are:
VDL Festival Eye Shadow (Sparkle) in 220 Champagne Shower and 903 Sparkle Bronze
VDL Festival Eye Shadow (Jelly) in 506 Jared and 608 Oops Baby
VDL Festival Eye Shadow in 216 Beige Glow, 215 Maron Cinnamon, and 309 Gorgeous
VDL Expert Color Lip Cube EX SPF 10 in 101 Tribeca and 102 Miss Right
VDL Festival Lipstick (Creamy) in 605 Neo Office and 502 Apple Brick
VDL Festival Lipstick (Lovemark) in 607 Jared, 601 Ashton, and 301 Chuck

She also said that Festival Shadow (Jelly) in 606 Grand Prize was a good color too, so I purchased that.

Edit: VDL products are not confirmed to be vegan or cruelty free. This post was written before my transitionto vegan.

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