Vegan Restaurant/Cafe in Busan, South Korea: Dajeon

I went to Busan for G-STAR but we stayed at a hotel near Seomyeon Station because the ones near BEXCO either didn't have any vacancy or were ridiculously expensive. Eating out as a vegan in South Korea is quite stressful. So I searched for veg restaurant and I was thrilled to find that there was a vegan restaurant!!! They have delicious meals and lots of lovely tea. They even sell soy ice cream during summer.

Deulkae (perilla seed) Kalguksu noodles! :D

Steamed Mandu (dumplings)

Also everything they have are pretty inexpensive. I'll list the meals here in case anyone is interested. (Can't remember all the tea they have ahhh)
  • Lotus leaf rice + wheat "bulgogi" + buckwheat tea - 11000 won (can only be ordered for 2 people or more)
  • Char-grilled bibimbap - 6000 won
  • Wheat "bulgogi" - 7000 won
  • Bean "steak" - 7000 won
  • Steamed Mandu - 5000 won
  • Deulkae (perilla seed) kalguksu - 7000 won
  • Spicy bean "chicken"- 7000 won
If you eat the meal there you get 20% discount on non-latte tea. They have wide variety of leaf teas, non-leaf teas, soy latte, fruit juice/smoothie.

This is the location. I wish I had taken the picture of their sign because it's kind of hard to find. It's in the same building as WA BAR, which is easier to spot. It is on the 4th floor and the building isn't wheelchair accessible though :(

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