Weekly Sophia

What caught my eyes this past week:

Kurt Cobain's Top 50 albums

Top 50 by Nirvana
I'm always looking for more great music and I didn't know about this list before, even though it has been out there for a while. I'm so late, ahh. Anyways when I learned about this list I was excited. I'm on number 8 right now, and loving it so far.

Sarah Pinto stationaries

I am very anal about planners so it's a challenge for me to find something that I actually like. Sarah Pinto ones look perfect! I already have a planner for this year, but next year's planner will definitely be one of these. Portion of their profit goes to a children's hospital. I can use a lovely planner and support kids with heart condition. How wonderful is that?

My goals for next week:

Study at least an hour a day.
Study Russian on Duolingo every day.
Drink enough water every day.
Make friends with incoming freshmen. (main goal)

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