Tips for Ethical, Sustainable Wardrobe.

Photo: Tips for ethical, sustainable wardrobe.

The clothing industry these day have so many problems. Fashion industry is the third most polluting industry, and many of the clothes we see at shopping malls are made by people in awful, unfair working condition. We should do what we can and avoid positively reinforcing such unjust business practices by paying them money.

Learn about the issues.

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To be more educated on the subject, I would start by watching The True Cost and reading Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. There are more resources, but these two would give you enough insight to the problems.

Get clothes second hand whenever possible.

I do think that supporting ethical companies is very important, but nothing will ever be as environmentally friendly and suffering-free as second hand clothing. That's why I almost exclusively buy second hand. There are some misconceptions about second hand purchases, but I can assure you it's a great way to get lovely clothes without worrying about whether the clothing came from exploitation or not. Plus, you save your own money!

Tips for thrifting and buying second hand clothes.

  • I know there's the 'ick' factor, but try them on if possible. You should make sure you're buying something that actually looks good on you. You can take a shower afterwards.
  • It's cheaper, especially in thrift stores, but don't get carried away. Know what you need and want, and stick to that.
  • If you have specific item in mind, visit thrift store/second hand exchanges regularly. If you're using online stores or apps, you may be able to set an alert that sends messages to you when something you're looking for is posted. (If you are based in South Korea, I recommend 중고나라.)
  • Inspect the item thoroughly. Second hand items my be difficult to return or exchange, so you should be careful. If you are buying online, check the measurements and scrutinize the photos to see what you're getting. If you're buying second hand from an individual seller, not a company, it's likely that they will provide these information for you when you ask. If you're buying from a company that deals second hand products, the information should be already available, but if not, ask them. 
  • If you buy second-hand items from someone online, use a site that has some kind of scam protection. Scam isn't common for clothes that aren't worth much, but it does happen. If you're trying to buy an expensive designer piece, then scam is definitely possible.

When you do buy new, buy from more ethical brands.

30 Ethical Fashion Brands You Need to Know from Into Mind
True Cost Website: Buying Better
Fashion Revolution
Sustainable Apparel Coalition

I recommend visiting all of the above but if I had to pick just one website, it would be BetterThread. You can effortlessly browse fairly made, sustainable, vegan clothing manufacturers.

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