Slunch Factory: Vegan-friendly Restaurant/Cafe in Sangsudong, Seoul

Slunch Factory: Vegan-friendly Restaurant/Cafe in Sangsudong, Seoul
When you are a vegan in South Korea eating out can be very stressful. I have resources and tips for that on my blog but I try to review vegan/vegan friendly restaurants whenever possible to guide other vegans and show these amazing restaurants some support.

Slunch Factory is in Sangsudong area of Seoul. It is kind of hard to find, but I'll post the map below. They have vegan dishes and vegan things are clearly marked vegan on the menu, so there is no hassle of trying to find out what is vegan and what is not. THEY HAVE VEGAN CAKE! I was so excited when I found out their cakes were vegan. I didn't get to try them this time, but I'll definitely come back for them cakes.

Mushroom rice noodles

Mushroom over steamed rice with perilla seed sauce.
Photo by my friend.

The food is good, but if you eat a lot you may find that their portions are a bit small. Their prices are slightly higher (10000 won ish) than average in South Korea, but I think it's good price for the quality you get.

  • There are steps and the door is rather narrow so wheelchair access may be difficult.
  • The terrace (which is right in front of their entrance) is smoking zone so you may have to walk past smokers to enter.
  • They have free wi-fi

Click each image to see the menu. Sorry for potato quality

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