Digital Security and Privacy 101

The South Korean National Assembly passed "Anti-Terrorism" act, the government can officially spy on civilians. However I've been meaning to write this way before that because identity theft is another huge issue.

Digital Security and Privacy 101

1. Be mindful when you click on links and DO NOT download files from the Internet unless you are absolutely sure that it is safe. (e. g. from an official website of a big company)

No illegal software or movies. They are illegal anyways. Always download files from legitimate, official sites. Don't click on link unless you can trust it or you absolutely have to.

2. Encrypt your hard drive and your phone.

3. Firewall and Anti-virus software

I think Windows Defender is enough for most people (who have Windows) but you can use paid services. I don't think free ones are any better than Windows Defender.

4. Use DuckDuckGo.

Other search engines track you.

5. Back up important data.

It's a possibility that a malware or ransomware would infiltrate your device and damage your data. Even if your HDD is encrypted, the ransomware could just encrypt over it, because that's what they do. Your encryption will make it harder for them to steal your information but their encryption will prevent access to your files. Back it up in a separate device that can be disconnected from your computer. Don't pay the ransom, it only encourages those scums.

6. Get a VPN if you can.

Anonymizing and encrypting your Internet connection is important for security, especially when you have to use public wi-fi with flimsy security. Most VPN services out there charge money and even if they have free plan it's usually very limited. Tor is the best free, open source VPN, but it's slower than paid ones. Maintaining those servers isn't cheap, you know. The price is less than $10/month with annual plan, and many of them are like, $4/month. It's not high at all, and if your school, work, or government block certain sites, this can unblock them. You can also bypass regional restrictions. I reccomend CyberGhost or PureVPN.

7. xkcd on Password Strength

Password Strength

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