This Is My New Work / Study Anthem

So I am the QUEEN of procrastination, and that damaged a lot of things.

I asked myself, what the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I do this when I know how destructive it is? I just couldn't stop. But there's always light. While extreme procrastination can be a sign of emotional distress and may require professional psych treatment, I think I found my cure.

I usually don't listen to music when I work or study. It doesn't really help me, especially when it's loud(ish) music like this. White noise does help sometimes, but that only helps when I'm willing to concentrate. However this, really works. "JUST DO IT. YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMORROW" really, really gets me. Whenever I lose my focus just enough to notice the lyrics it slaps me back into working hard.

So thanks, Shia LaBeouf and Songify, you saved my work ethic.

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